The Alberta Blind Hockey Challenge is happening at the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre at RDP this Saturday.

The event will be a game between the Edmonton SeeHawks (sic) Blind Hockey Team and The Central Alberta Bullseye Blind Hockey Team. There will also be a few players from the Calgary Seeing Ice Dogs team drafted for the day.

Dustin Butterfield, who is the creator of the Central Alberta team, describes how the game works.

“Blind Hockey is very much recognizable as regular hockey. It has all the same rules with a couple modifications.  The main modification is that the puck we use is made out of sheet metal and has ball bearings inside it.  Everywhere the puck moves, it makes a lot of noise, and it is about five times bigger than a standard hockey puck. The nets are also one foot shorter than regular hockey nets.”

As far as the event on Saturday goes, Dustin says everyone is welcome.

“From 11:15 am to 12:45, we’ll have a bit of a warm up and then a full on blind hockey game.”

The Central Alberta Bullseye Blind Hockey Team pose for photoCentral Alberta Bullseye Blind Hockey Team

If you would like more information on the team in Central Alberta or this event click here.