City Council received an update on the current state of drought in Alberta. It was discussed how The City is preparing for the Government of Alberta water sharing agreements.

Alberta is experiencing drought in many parts of the province due to a below average snowpack in winter 2022-23, which meant less runoff filling rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and below average precipitation in most areas during the spring and summer of 2023. This is contributing to water shortage in some parts of the province, especially in southern Alberta. The province is currently in water shortage management stage 4 (out of 5), where multiple water management areas are impacted by water shortage.  

While the conditions in the Red Deer Rivershed are currently not as dire in other parts of the province, it’s important to note that conditions can change, and that water is a shared resource across the province,” said Alex Monkman, Water Superintendent. “With a predicted dry spring and summer, it’s critical that we are proactive and ready to respond,” said Monkman.

The City is preparing a Drought Management Plan to proactively respond to drought conditions and the need for water restrictions in our community. The plan considers how we will respond to the drought both internally and externally, and how we will collaborate with regional partners and stakeholders.

“The Government of Alberta has told us that communities along the Red Deer River should be prepared for outdoor water restrictions, most likely starting in June,” said Monkman. “Our voluntary restrictions will start in May, along with our water conservation and rebate programs. We’ll continue to keep the community updated on further restrictions.”

The City is also working closely with the Government of Alberta and other regional water users to ensure collaboration and a coordinated approach. The City, along with other large water users in the South Saskatchewan Basin, participated in workshops facilitated by the Government of Alberta to develop voluntary water sharing agreements. More information about these water sharing agreements will be shared by the Government of Alberta in the coming days.  

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