HJ Cody High School in Sylvan Lake has added a special program and idea to help students. The school has opened up it's own student run thrift store.

Jamie Fisher and Holly Schultz are educational assistants at the school and they talked about this program. "It's a thrift store set up within our school community to serve our student population. Everything within the store is completely free to our students and staff. We just kind of put it out there if anyone in our community has donations to bring it to our school. We collected for about a month and had a huge, success with tons of clothes."

photo of thrift shop

The thrift store, which is open during noon hours will get over 100 students per week. Fisher explains that it not only helps kids get access to clothing but also gives them experience working in the store. "We also have it opened up in our Block 4 Class which is our Creative Gems block at our school. This is where we work and support our individual disabilities and life skills students. They run the store for the students and teachers who have signed up their classes for 20 minute increments to come through and shop the store." 

Fisher also says it's a great way for the school to give back to the students. "One of the big focuses on putting this thrift store together was just building community and focusing on one of our goals of giving back. This was an opportunity for us to give back to our student population without any cost to them and just as a thank you for the goodness of supporting us for the last few years."