The Red Deer High-Risk Youth Coalition has rebranded to The Red Deer Coalition for Youth, and is hoping for support to continue work in Red Deer. 

The Red Deer Coalition for Youth first began when a group of community members from many organizations and systems chose to work collaboratively to better meet the needs of vulnerable youth in the community.  

The coalition began in 2009 as a result of a High-Risk Youth Initiative Planning day, which was a regional initiative first introduced by Child and Family Services and intended to lead to more positive outcomes and community support for all high-risk youth in the Red Deer area.  

The coalition has continued to be an active partnership among members demonstrating the community’s commitment to serving youth.  

The Red Deer Coalition for Youth work together as a collaborative to increase the community’s capacity to meet the needs of vulnerable youth and advocate for systemic change that leads to comprehensive supports for youth.  

The coalition is comprised of three main components:  

1. The Interagency Collaborative Group is open to anyone from Red Deer and surrounding, meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month and working to identify challenges in the community while also enhancing awareness and understanding of other agencies and their programs.  

2. The Collaborative Case Consultants are identified committee members that meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and facilitate monthly case consultations with specified agencies to discuss individual cases and collaboratively create a plan to better serve the youth.  

3. The ad hoc subcommittees are temporary working groups formed by the members around the table to collectively address a specific topic, including the creation of the Youth Resource Guide. 

Visit the Youth HQ website here for more information.