Red Deer Lions Speed Skating Club is inviting people of all ages to come try out speed skating this Sunday (September 11). Anyone who can put on a pair of skates is welcome to come try speed skating at the Collicut Centre from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.   

Marie Payne, Director of Promotions and Events with Red Deer Lions Speed Skating Club says they are also looking to attract a younger crowd to help build up the club.  

“We're really trying to get the younger kids because most of our members that we have are in the, 13 to 16. We're almost at the end of their cycle,” said Payne.  

The event is completely free and you don’t even need a pair of skates to participate.  

“We can provide skates. We're asking them to e-mail us and then arrange for what size they need. We can make sure there's enough sizes because when we have our regular session with our club the skates are included in the registration package. We have lots of skates available,” explained Payne.  

She says speed skating skates are a little different from hockey skates in that they are not as bulky. You can email to get a pair of skates for the day.  

Photo of speed skater. Photos courtesy of Jeff Wiggelsworth.  

“We try to keep it affordable for all the families and we have both a short track which is indoor [and a long track]. Right now, we're at the Kinex Arena and in December, January, February we go to the outdoor track,” said Payne.  

The outdoor track is located at Setters Place Oval at Great Chief Park.  

The Red Deer Lions Speed Skating Club has been operating in Red Deer for the last 70 years and have seen quite a few impressive athletes join their ranks including Ponoka’s Olympic Speed Skater Maddison Pearman. The club meets twice a week in two different sessions—one for beginner skaters and one for more advanced skaters.  

Although it is unconfirmed, the Lions Club is hoping Pearman will be able to attend the event herself providing the opportunity to skate alongside an Olympic athlete.  

For more information on the Red Deer Lions Speed Skating Club, click here.  

Event poster.